Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3rd

I came home late night and felt into a deep sleep, getting up late this morning.

So I almost missed Circle Line Tour leaving at 10:00 AM. I barely made it there.

Sitting on the second tier floor, I watched Manhattant’s skyline as I listened to the comedian-looking guide’s introduction of the city.

As we neared Statue of Liberty people rose from their seat and start snapping pictures. For me, however, Statue of Liberty stood out more for her demeanor than the statue itself.

In the evening, I watched a performance at “Invisible Dog” located at 51 Bergen ST. in Brooklyn. Creating music out of electrical noise was very impressive. I wished my techinical director in Korea, Heedae Cho, was here with me. Heedae, you come!

There, I met Julia’s friend Giles Lyon. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in touch with him earlier than tonight since Julia’s email to me about him was somehow ended up in my spam folder. Thankfully, he recognized me as soon as he saw me. He showed me around his workshop on the second floor. (I was so delirious, I forgot to take some photos - how I wish now...)

His works reminded me of the Korean movie called “Mudang: Reconciliation Between The Living And The Dead, 2002.” I explained to about the movie and he really wanted to watch it. I wanted to tell him more about the movie but my poor English got in the way. I promised him that when I return to Korea I’d send the movie to him.

All in all, it was a great, fulfilling day for me. I wonder what awaits me tomorrow.

The places I’ve been:

Circle Line Tour 42nd St. - Pier 83

Time Sq. 42nd St.

APT - Take a rest

Line1 86St. -> Line N Time Sq. 42St. -> Line F 34St. Herald Sq. -> Bergen St. - Subway


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