Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 5th

The places I’ve been:

Saigon Grill - Lunch

Barnes & Noble - Buy Brooklyn map

(J)(M) Marcy Ave.

Williamsburg Walking Tour - Listening to MP3 (Guide Audio)

S#1 Brooklyn Public Library

S#2 Keep Street Synagogue

S#3 Bais Ruchel School

S#4 Main Shopping Street

S#5 Rodney St. and Lee Ave.

S#6 Rodney St. and Bedford Ave.

S#7 Bedford Ave. and Ross Street

S#8 Bedford Ave. and Wilson Street

S#9 Bedford Ave. and Taylor Street

S#10 Division Ave. and Driggs Ave.

S#11 Driggs Ave. and S 9th Ave.

S#12 Driggs Ave. and Broadway

S#13 Washington Plaza

S#14 Bedford Ave. and Broadway

S#15 Bedford Ave. and S 3rd Street

S#16 Holland Tunnel Gallery

Papa Lima - Take a break with sandwich and coffee

Prints Gone Wild 2010 @ Secret Project Robot

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  1. hey, i'm a friend of casey smith. he linked me your blog. love project robot -- my friend breck did a music performance there. you should tell casey to introduce you to breck. he's the coolest cat in brooklyn.